3rd Saturday Specialty Match

Program Director : Corey Cruts

The TSGC Specialty Match Championship is a series of different matches where the participant receives points commensurate with their placement in each category of each match in which they compete.

Each competitor receives points in each category of a match in which they participate. The more participants, the higher they place, and the more points that they receive. This means if the participant places first in a category in which there are 10 competitors, then they will receive 10 points for that category in that match.

Each shooter can only receive points in 2 categories per match.

Match Fee: $15 for the first division and $10 for the second division.

Schedule for 2021-2022:

TSGC Specialty Match Schedule 21-22

Next Match:

.22LR Rim Fire Speed Steel
TSGC February Specialty Match
The Rim Fire Challenge match will consist of five all steel stages, each stage with be shot four times (4 strings). The slowest of the 4 strings will be dropped, the remaining 3 string will be added together for the shooters time on the stage.
There will be 4 divisions to choose from. A shooter may only enter two divisions.
1. Rim Fire pistol, Iron Sights.
2. Rim Fire pistol, Optic Sights.
3. Rim Fire rifle, Iron Sights.
4. Rim Fire rifle, Optic Sights.
This match will be conducted under “Cold Range” rules. All firearms must be unloaded until directed to be loaded by the Range Safety Officer on each course of fire. All pistols must be transported about the range in a range bag. Rifles may be transported in a rifle type bag or carried in the open with muzzle pointed up or in a gun cart with muzzle pointed down, “Empty Chamber Flag” must be inserted and visible when rifle is not in use on a course of fire.
Registration starts at 8:30 AM until 9:30 AM on the pistol side. New shooter brief starts at 9:30 AM. Match brief starts at 9:45 AM. First shots at 10:00 AM. If you are unable to make the 10:00 AM start time walk-ons will be taken till 10:45 AM.
$15.00 entry fee for first division, $10.00 entry fee for second division. Minimum of 110rounds required per division.
Come on out and ring some steel, get your points towards the club championship. This match will be fun for all ages and challenging for level of shooters.

2021-2022 Total Points:

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