3rd Saturday Southern Sport Shooters Challenge

Program Director: Corey Cruts

The TSGC Southern Sport Shooters Challenge is a series of 12 different matches where the participant receives points commensurate with their placement in each category of each match in which they compete.

Southern Sport Shooters Challenge Rules and Procedures

Match Fees: Member: $15 for the first division and $10 for the second division.  Nonmembers: $25 for the first division and $20 for the second division.

Schedule for 2022-2023:

Southern Sport Shooters Challenge Schedule FY23

Next Match:

19 November 2022 – G style Pistol (GSSF Style) – Match Director: Butch Bonds –  Description

Previous Matches:

22 Oct, 22 – Rimfire Speed Steel   Results
22 Oct, 22 – .22 LR Rim Fire Speed Steel  Description


2021-2022 Total Points:

End of the year FY22 Match Points

Monthly Match Points:

22 Benchrest Match Results Sep 22

.22 Sporter Rifle Match Results Aug 22

LEO_Style Match Results May 22

Mini_Palma Match Points Apr 22

.22LR Steel Challenge Match scores coming!

American Rifle Challenge Match Results Jan 22

Centerfire Benchrest Specialty Match Results Nov 21

Halloween Partners Match 16 Oct 21

2020-2021 Final Points:

Specialty Match Total Scores – Sep 2021 FINAL