3rd Saturday Specialty Match

Program Director : Gary Fugate

The TSGC Specialty Match Championship is a series of different matches where the participant receives points commensurate with their placement in each category of each match in which they compete.

Each competitor receives points in each category of a match in which they participate. The more participants, the higher they place, and the more points that they receive. This means if the participant places first in a category in which there are 10 competitors, then they will receive 10 points for that category in that match.

Each shooter can only receive points in 2 categories per match.

Schedule for 2020-2021:

TSGC Specialty Match Championship 20-21 

Note:  The flyer incorrectly states Sunday, however since it is written 3rd Saturday in approximately a bazzillion other places, I am sure there is no confusion.

Next Match:

Saturday, June 19   Falling Plates

The match will be the regular 48 round match consisting of six plates shot twice at each distance of 10, 15, 20 and 25 yards. One plate, one shot at each distance. Time for each distance is 6 Seconds at 10 yards, 7 Seconds at 15 yards, 8 Seconds at 20 yards and 9 seconds at 25 yards. Start position will be pistol in hand held down at 45 degrees. There will be two categories for specialty match points, Centerfire optics and Centerfire iron. There will also be two categories for score of bragging rights only (not specialty match points), Rimfire pistol optics and Rimfire pistol iron. Centerfire match will shot first and the rimfire match second. Match starts at 10:00 am with sign up  starting at 9:00 am until match completion. Cost is $10.00 for first gun category and $5.00 for each additional gun category. Additional info, Contact Gerald Bonds at bonds007@troycable.net


2020-2021 Total Points:

Specialty Match Total Scores – May 2021

2020-2021 Match Points:

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2019-2020 Final Points:

Final FY20 Specialty Match Scores