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Latest Announcements

The monthly board minutes, through the Month of May, can be found in the member’s section.

This weekend’s SSSC match book has been posted above. I have also added below, a few words from Cory about this weekend’s match.

“This coming Saturday will be our SSSC Benchrest 100 yard match.

 Brief overview,

  100 yards

  centerfire and .22 rimfire

  centerfire rifles with calibers smaller than .338 Lapua and .22 rimfire

  15 rounds for score, unlimited sighters

  20-minute time limit

Attached is the Match book for more details.

This is an awesome match for plinkers, hunters, and bullseye rifle shooters. It can be shot with less than one box of ammo and less than 1/2 hour on the line. 

As with all the SSSC matches this is a points match. shooters do not have to be TSGC members or trying for the end of the year points.

¬† ¬†Points will be given to the competitors based on their finishing place and the points are added up for the year end prizes.” Corey Cruts SSSC MC

Website updates

Please be patient with me as I learn how to use and update our website. Although I have a good working knowledge of computers it’s still a bit of a learning curve working with websites. My plan is to make our website the center of club information. Thank you all for your continued patience. If there is a club member who has experience with word press and would like to help out with the website please contact me.

Cameron Crawley – President TSGC


**Members will not affiliate (real or perceived) or reference Tri-State Gun Club with any type of organization without written consent of the Board of Directors of TSGC.**